{t:Early Morning Clown} {st:Written by Nektar} {st:Transcribed by Christopher C Heckman (checkman@math.gatech.edu).} [Am]Oh, comes the [Em]morning, the [Am]sun is still [Em]yawning, [Am]The light has brought day to us here, [(Am)]As a breeze, summer's birds on the trees do reap[Dm]pear. [Am]Oh, it's the [Em]morning, warm [Am]rays are a-[Em]fawning, [Am]Through the leaves with fresh dew on their face, [(Am)]Ever-moving to find the right place to catch the [Dm]sun. [Am]Oh, it's the [Em]morning, the [Am]rays through the [Em]dawning, [Am]In the mist, slowly stirring the ground, [(Am)]Lonely feelings with tree-_____ and sawdust all a[Dm]round. [Am]Don't trade me for what I am worth, [(Am)]We can make it if only my feet can touch the [Dm]Earth.