About This Page...
    Hi! And welcome to my page.  This page is brand new so excuse the clutter and the inconsistencies within it.  I expect this page to grow and become a resource for many musicians in tune with the progressive rock genre.  I will need your help to make it into a great page, so anything that you are willing to contribute, any ideas, transcriptions, ect..  will be deeply appreciated by me and the other visitors of this page.
    This page was started because I couldn't find an adequate page aimed at the progressive rock musician.  Many of these files were once on OLGA, and some originally resided on other pages.  I can't guarantee the accuracy of these transcriptions but at the very least, they will give you a good start and if you feel something needs to be corrected, post a request or submit a correction yourself.  I hope this page comes in use to you and I hope to have it up and running for a long time.